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Turbo boost box

The Td5 engine fitted in Defenders and Discovery’s is one of the most ‘tuneable’ engines available and you get lots of power of it with a proper remap.

However the turbo boost is limited in and this will quickly limit the potential from the modifications you have made, since the ECU will cut fuel to the engine if it detects an over boosting situation!

Turbo Boost Box is the solution, This intelligent box allows the Td5 engine to run with a higher boost pressure after adjusting the waste gate in accordance with the instructions. This allows increase turbo boost pressure without the engine going into limp home mode.

Fitting the Turbo Boost Box is an easy 3 wire installation ( instructions will be provided). The box is very easy to fit as it uses the original Land Rover connectors. The box is water resistant – ideal for most off-road uses.