Xtreme Outback  performance clutch

Xtreme Outback is a market leader in the development of Heavy Duty and High Performance clutch systems in Australia. Their research and development facility aims to continually analyse new friction materials and evaluate spring rates to obtain an optimal combination for performance, noise suppression, and durability.

Xtreme Outback is the trusted leader in the field. Xtreme Outback is a divison of Australian Clutch Services, Australia’s Clutch and Flywheel Specialists.

Road use : KLR27005

Heavy Duty:

Stage 1 – Organic                      KLR27525-1A*

Stage 2 – Sprung Ceramic         KLR27525-1B*

Stage 2 – Cushioned Ceramic    KLR27525-1C *

*Includ. SMF conversion Flywheel


Spigot                                         ASB661

Cover Assembly bolts                PPBM802

Flywheel to Crank Bolts            FWBLR02

Aligning Tool                             ACTCP23