Other Makes Remapping / Tuning

Power to the World

td5INSIDE /  performanceINSIDE is able to create a custom tuned remap for any car anywhere in the world!

This includes both the Defender and the Discovery td5! This can be made in all ECU models, either MSB or NNN.  With the MSB unit, you need to send us the ECU so that we can do all the socket/eeprom work –  we can also send you a socket/eeprom if you know a qualified electronic specialist able to work in pcb´s.


With NNN ECU (normally a post 10/2001 model) and a Nanocom diagnostic system ( or similar) , is a bit easyer to do. Send us your original nanocom map file and your ECU settings(both very easy to access from the nanocom) so it can be modified and adjusted to your needs and your engine use.


Any other car model ( like Defender 2.4 puma, Range Rover L322, Range Rover Sport, Discovery 3, Jeep Wrangler JK, etc ) can also be remap remotely using our INSIDE REMAP DEVICE.


In one hour you receive your tuned file and after you apply it to your engine and road test it for several miles your feedback report will provide the information we need to introduce all the necessary adjustments to optimize the results till you are fully satisfied.