IRD - INSIDE remap device

INSIDE REMAP DEVICE - the easiest way of having INSIDE power anytime, anywhere !


IRD – INSIDE remap device is the ideal tool to remap your ECU. This personal OBD programmer is an innovative and versatile solution that allows you to remap your own car when it suits you. It is designed in a way that requires minimal tuning knowledge and it’s extremely user friendly.

  • No need to travel to us – tune your car yourself at your convenience, day or night, anywhere in the world
  • Map switching – return your car to standard in minutes, handy for servicing, warranty work, or if you are allowing someone else use of the car
  • Built-in Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) reader – read and clear fault codes yourself which could save you $$$ at the dealership.



Use the IRD software to setup the programmer to your car by selecting car, make and also language. Then it’s a very easy process:


1. Reading of the original file

Plug the obd cable and follow the onscreen instructions to read the original stock file from your car. Then save the file in your IRD.

Use the IRD software to download this file from your IRD and send it to td5INSIDE/performanceINSIDE.

2. Flashing the modified file

Use the IRD software to upload received tuned file into your IRD: Select Tuning and follow onscreen instructions to flash modified file to your vehicle.

3. Reading / Clearing DTC codes

Select the read the DTC codes menu and follow the onscreen instructions. If the DTC codes are found, go back to the main menu and select clear DTC codes to erase all faults logged.

  • Important – It is essential that your battery is well charged before programming – when in doubt, connect a charger.  Please also ensure that headlights, interior lights, heater fan and radio are switched off.

Click here to display a complete and up-to-date list of all the vehicles supported by the INSIDE remap device, sorted by Brand, Model, Engine, HP and ECU Version.


INSIDE REMAP DEVICE – the easiest way of having INSIDE power anytime, anywhere !



FAQS about the INSIDE remap device

Q: Is this the same as a tuning box?

A: No, this is completely different. You are using our custom tuning files to flash your own ECU. These files are tuned in the same way as if you were visiting us at our garage.


Q: How many cars can this tool do?

A: The IRD can only work in a single car at a time. But, if you sell your car and want to use it again in your new car you must return it to its original standard file before the next car can be tuned


Q: Can I have more than one type of remap for the same car?

A: Yes, you can have the original + 2 different variants of remap. For example, you can have a highly tuned file, a mix of power and economy and/or a simple eco-map if required.


Q: Is there a cost for additional files?

A: Yes, the first file is included in the purchase price. Additional files will be charged at reduced prices.


Q: My ECU needs to be removed to be remapped, will the IRD work for me?

A: Unfortunately not, as this tool can only programme the ECU via the OBD port. But please get in touch to make sure your car can’t be remapped via obd and also to know our ECU postage service.


Q: Do I need anything else other than the IRD to tune my car?

A: No, everything is included in the box for you. However, we strongly recommend reading the disclaimer leaflet in the box to familiarise yourself with any precautionary measures that we advise you to take.


Q: How do I know if my car is compatible with the IRD?

A: Please click on our vehicle list link on this page to view a full list of all cars available on the IRD. If you are unsure whether your vehicle is listed, please get in touch and we can check for you.


Q: Do I need to check my car for any fault codes before writing the tuned file to my car?

A: We advise that you do this, so that you can ensure the car is free from any faults before you write the mapped file back. The IRD has a built-in fault code reader to do this for you.



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