Remap FAQ´s

Q: How long does the Remapping take?
A: 1-2 Hours is the time needed to remap your car as we carry out a full car diagnostics before and afterwards.


Q: Why don’t the manufacturers do this from standard?
A: Manufacturers have to bear in mind that the vehicle can end up going anywhere in the world. This is significant because they have to allow for both extremely hot and very cold climates, as well as very poor fuels. The engine has to output the same power whether the ambient temperature is -40° or +40°.  They also have to consider customers misuse of the car, for example with disregard for the check up services. The manufacturer will always “play safe” and cater for every eventuality in the standard map which leaves room for improvement. When we remap your vehicle, its mainly because of performance, however it is also fine tuning the engine to run perfectly, as each individual engine is different. When we’re finished, your car will run as it always should have done.


Q: Why is remapping a better option than a tuning box?
A: A tuning box simply gives false sensor values throughout the complete rev-range. The ECU is constantly told (or fooled) that not enough fuel is entering the engine, so it over-fuels the engine to gain performance. Although performance gains are verified, these are at the cost of high emissions, higher engine temperatures, and general poor running of the engine. Many sellers of tuning boxes state that they are completely invisible, as they can be removed. This is not the case, diagnostics tools will show errors caused by the incorrect fuelling. Problems related to tuning boxes are poor running, black smoking from the exhaustion, rough idle, clogged injectors and even engine’s cutting out.


Q: How can my car possibly use less fuel?
A: With a remapped ECU, your car will produce more power which means you can reach your target speed in a quicker fashion. The most economical way to drive is to reach your target speed quickly and switch to a high gear for economy.


Q: Is it safe?
A: Remapping is perfectly safe if it is a good, well developed tune. There is no getting away from the fact that it will put more stress on certain components. Your turbo will be worked a little harder, the clutch may wear a little more than usual. However nothing we do will over-stress your engine and we don’t push everything to the absolute limit. Of course if you are looking for something with a little more spice than usual, we can cater for your individual taste.


Q: Can I see a dyno graph to prove the power output?
A: We have a dyno in house and can offer an example graph for your car, or we can run your car on the dyno to demonstrate the effect of the remap if you wish. we can supply dyno graphs of some costumers cars running similar setups if that´s the case.


Q: What if Im not happy with the Remap?
A: Simple, we will put the car back to standard and give a full 100% Refund.


Q: If in the future I decided to sell the car and would like it back standard could you do this?
A: Yes we store all original ECU Maps in our Database so its a simple question of just remapping the original map back to the car.


Q: Do you Guarantee the Remap?
A: Yes, all our work is carried out by a professional and is fully guaranteed.