td5INSIDE uprated MAP sensor

The Td5 engine fitted in Defenders and Discovery’s is one of the most ‘tuneable’ engines available and you get lots of power of it with a proper remap. However the turbo boost is limited in and this will quickly limit the potential from the modifications you have made, since the ECU will cut fuel to the engine if it detects an overboosting situation! By fitting an uprated Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor you´ll be able to increase turbo boost pressure without the engine going into limp home mode.

  • Genuine Bosch fully tested part
  • Higher reading of 4 BAR meaning higher boost pressures can safely be used
  • Only fit with remap file with calibration to match

*Please do not confuse these with cheap Chinese copies people are trying to sell (at a higher price) on eBay. These are GENUINE Bosch units and are fully tested.

Fitting and uprated MAP sensor will allow you to monitorize accurate turbo boost via td5INSIDE Infodash.

We will need to have your ecu @ our workshop to be able to do the calibration of the sensor.

*We can also set your standart td5 map sensor to read up to 1.5 bar boost.
*Turbo Boost box also available.