td5INSIDE / performanceINSIDE CR turbos Hybrid

by CRTurbos Boost Solutions - PORTUGAL

The uprated td5 hybrid turbos are design as a direct replacement of the standart units. They look, in fact, identical to the standart units from the outside. The big changes occour INSIDE, by using different solutions such as:

– Upgrade compressor wheel;
– cnc machined compressor housing;
– turbine cuting to reduce egts´s and backpressure;
– turbine housing machined to reduce back pressure;
– anodised mfs compressor wheel with special treatment to make it more resistant to impurities not filtered by the air filter;
– VSR 170.000 rpm´s balanced;



Td5 hybrid turbos are design to work with a turbo boost box (included in the kit). When matched with the correct remap could take the td5 to arround 220bhp and over 450nm torque.

All our turbo chargers are designed and made by CRturbos Portugal, leader in Performance Boost solutions.

We strongly advise to fit PiperCross airfilter, AlliSport Silicone hoses and AlliSport Upgraded Intercoolers to have the maximum performance from this setup.




PLEASE REFER DEFENDER OR DISCOVERY WHEN ORDERING THE TURBO, since we have different solutions for both models.
* EUROPEAN costumers – Turbos are sold in an exchange basis – When we send a unit out, we charge a core deposit charge which is refunded upon receipt of the old unit assuming it is the same type as supplied. The old unit must be complete and not stripped with intact housing and wastegate actuator.
* REST OF THE WORLD – Turbos are sold as unit with no exchange needed. Please send us a message for more information on Price and availability.


Also available for 200/300 tdi and 2.4/2.2 tdci


General Warranty conditions can be seen here

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